Camps In Kanatal

There is a reason the Northern states of India are what they are. The serenity of the hills, the peace that surrounds the different crevices around the mountains that have the last remnants of snow dripping off them and the ever changing colours of the different days of the sky make Kanatal a place you need to visit in this lifetime and there are some places that you need to see right now while of course, enjoying a stay at the Kanatal camps that have placed themselves there as a pioneer of providing an ideal holiday for anyone who wishes to get a lovely taste of the hills.

The city of Kanatal is located deep inside the hills of the lovely state of Uttarakhand, and has provided many a traveler with stories that are strewn with memories from the hills. The city is located around 78 kms from Dehradun and around 38 kms from Mussoorie, making this a perfect place for anyone who wishes to travel to these two dream destinations separately in their own time. For those getting here by road, the city is located on the Chamba - Mussoorie highway and is a whopping 300 kms from Dehli, but if you are getting a chance to spend your holidays at the Kanatal camps, then why would you complain?

Every hotel in Kanatal has a view of the mountains, and the tents where you stay have the extra bonus of having the spell-binding view of the skies to sleep to, along with a cozy bonfire and some warm snacks in tow. Kanatal camps are the best way for you to conduct that long-pending college reunion, or a perfect place where you can take your better half for a splendid night under the stars. There are different camps where you could stay, or send your kids to for a fun and exciting holiday that they can spend with their classmates and friends.